Recycling and Garbage

The township does not offer a curbside pick- up service. However, the township offers a community dumpster to dispose of waste. Bags can be purchased at the dump site in lots of 10 for $20.00.  You may also bring all your recyclables to the dump site in your own receptacles for drop off at no cost. Please allow the dump attendant to inspect recyclables before you throw them. Recyclables include: aluminum, tin, glass, paper, plastic and cardboard.

An attendant is on site to assist you and sell the bags.  Larger items may be disposed of, but an additional fee will be charged. (see posting below) Posters display those items and the additional cost of each.

This community dumpster and recycling site is designed to be self-sufficient. The intent is that no tax dollars will need to be spent to operate the site. Those that use this site pay for the cost to operate it.

The site is located at N2929 West Pine Hill Rd.

Open every Saturday from 7:30 AM-11:30 AM.

Dump Prices

  • Dump bags $2.00
  • Car tires $5.00 up to a 17 tire then $15.00
  • Mattress/ box spring $20.00 EACH
  • Sheet Rock $2
  • Pick up load $25.00
  • Couch/chair $10.00 each
  • Trailer load $20.00
  • Dump burn barrel ashes $10.00
  • Small carpet $20.00 big roll carpet $50.00
  • Rug $10.00